You’ve written a book? Congratulations! You know what you want your readers to “see” as they read your words, but will they really be able to envision your words as you expected? Or will the readers be confused because you refer to your heroine as Lucy in Chapter 1 but Lacy in Chapter 10? Was her hair blonde but changed to brown without any explanation? What about proper punctuation and grammar? Don’t worry. I’ll polish all of that up for you and Make Your Stories Shine!

I will also look for any places where the story goes a little off-track. I won’t rewrite for you, but I’ll point you to where you might need to rearrange or clarify.

What to Expect

I won’t rewrite your book to suit my tastes. Your book is your baby and it and your writing will remain yours and yours alone. My goal is to improve your writing, while respecting your voice and creative intent, to help eliminate bad reviews based on editing or the lack thereof. However, YOU have the final say over ALL changes and are free to accept or reject them. The types of issues I look for include:

  •   Grammar and punctuation
  •   Ambiguous or confusing phrasing
  •   Story-based inconsistencies (such as character hair color)
  •   Text-based inconsistencies (such as capitalization and hyphenation)
  •   Word choice, sentence structure, and sentence order
  •   Basic issues of point of view
  •   Basic fact-checking (such as brand name spelling and dates)

What’s Next

When the editing process has been completed, you’ll get two copies of your manuscript:

  •   Complete edit: Contains tracked changes and comments (Your file name-BeR Edit)
  •   Clean edit: Fully edited manuscript with changes accepted and comments deleted for easier reading (Your file name-BeR Edit-Clean)

The Follow-up

After you receive your edited manuscript, you may have questions or additional changes you’d like made. No problem! However, they should be sent to me within thirty days of receiving your edited manuscript. Also, try to put everything into one email or one attachment to one email. Any requested changes or correspondence received after thirty days will be treated as a new project.

What Some of My Clients are Saying...

"When Deborah Bates edited several of my books, she found mistakes & typos that three previous sets of eyes, including another professional editor, didn't spot. I highly recommend her!"



"Blue-eyed Reader provided a fast and professional editing service. They're absolutely amazing at finding mistakes, which makes them a godsend for authors. I highly recommend them."



Expert Editing Services + Fast Turnaround = Cost-efficiency

  • My fee is $0.012 per word ($12 per 1,000 words).
  • Word count is determined by Microsoft Word’s “word count” feature and is based on the length of the document before editing begins.
  • There is a $10.00 surcharge for PDF documents. Word count for PDF documents is determined by converting the document to Word format and using the “word count” feature in Word. PDF documents are edited using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC’s comment tools.
  • “Rush Jobs” (anything over 5,000 words with a requested turnaround time of three calendar days or less), are subject to a surcharge of 25% of the total fee. This surcharge, if any, will be added to your final invoice, and you will be notified of the change.
  • I only accept projects that are Mystery and/or Romance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality, efficiency, or service that you receive, please notify me within thirty days of receiving your edited manuscript. I will make one additional set of revisions to resolve any issues. All revisions should be sent in one email or one attachment to one email within thirty days of your receipt of edited manuscript. If after those revisions have been made, you still are not satisfied, I will refund your payment, less any deposit and/or surcharge(s), for that project.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below and let’s Make Your Stories Shine!