About Blue-eyed Reader

Authors want their novels or other material at its best when published. Readers leave bad reviews for poorly edited books. Sometimes opting not to read anything else by that author.

I’m Deborah Bates, owner of Blue-eyed Reader. My goal as an editor is to Make Your Stories Shine! Choose me and I will edit your material with precision and return it promptly.

Fiction books make up the majority of my work. But non-fiction projects such as website content and newsletters are not out of the question. I was a legal secretary for twenty years before becoming an editor. Thus, delivering quality documents was mandatory. I met short deadlines without a cut in work quality. Attorneys gave me documents to edit that they prepared and their dictation (which had little to no punctuation provided).

So your material will benefit from my skills. So click the button below and together we will Make Your Stories Shine!